"Delivering Results that Matter"

How does this translate to you and your needs?

Our employees and candidates notice a difference in how we approach their job search. We take the time to learn everything we can about you, your skills/abilities and passions to insure we stay focused on your success at all times.

Our customers experience us as a true partner. We "dive deep" to learn what business issues and challenges you are facing and bring forward solutions that matter. Our customer and job order profiling process gets to the real need. With all the facts we can produce cost effective results that matter.

We, as a company, make sure the results we produce, which are our service fees, are used in a way that matter. A percentage of all service fees generated through our professional services are donated to charities that bring positive change in our world.

"Delivering Results that Matter" is not just a tagline but the core of who we are and how we do our work.

You and your success matter to The Pelsten Group!


“I worked with Patti on a very complicated project which started out as negatively received. She was very successful in turning the negative into a positive and the project became a valuable part of our companies operations. Patti is totally customer service oriented and achieves success through her dedication to the customer.”


“She values thinking that is outside the box... and will respond well to any creative process.”