Temporary - As we recover from the current recession the temporary "contingent" workforce will be in demand. Many employers will want to make sure the recovery is sustainable before investing in a core workforce. With work still needing to be done a flexible solution will fit the need.

Temp2Hire - Auditioning workers in the job duties they will perform has been a very successful model for hiring over the years. This strategy allows you to make sure the fit is just right. A free cost analysis can be provided to see that this approach truly does make business sense.

Direct Hire - Hiring new employees is a huge investment both for the employee and the employer. It is important to make sure that it is the "right fit". With our direct hire services you have three check points along the way - Our professional recommendation, HR's verification of candidacy and the manager's approval of fit. This three tiered approach reduces the risk of making the wrong decision.


“I worked with Patti on a very complicated project which started out as negatively received. She was very successful in turning the negative into a positive and the project became a valuable part of our companies operations. Patti is totally customer service oriented and achieves success through her dedication to the customer.”


“She values thinking that is outside the box... and will respond well to any creative process.”